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“It is technology that should fit to human. Not to the other direction.” - Kevin Nam. CEO

Clonix is technology-oriented company based on disk I/O and filesystem.
With multi-year experiences and know-hows, we offer following solutions to our customers:
System image backup: both disks and partitions
Media duplication: SSD, HDD, DOM, etc.
System deployment over network
Data recovery
Our technology is applied to production and maintenance of computer systems, both PC and embedded systems
together, covering a wide range of environment – from system bundles to public PCs in libraries and schools.
Users include both big and small companies and organizations, from Samsung Electronics, Hynix Semiconductors,
LG Electronics, Hyundai Motors, as well as Western Digital and Seagate, to local high schools and family business owners.

Based on the same Alseid™ Engine, our products can cooperate with each other and shares the same data type, thus eliminating process gaps. Our users enjoy the efficiency hidden before process integration thanks to our products.
A seamless integration from R&D to production to technical support – it’s not a dream. That is what our users do on their workplaces.

Now we’re walking forward – just small, but steady, one step per day. Though trivial per each step, gathered together we’re sure we can evolve ourselves as well as give more values, indeed incomparable, to our users and customers.

Thank you for visiting Clonix. We hope you also join the evolution our customers and users experience every day.
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