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Seamless integration from R&D to production
and technical support

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By adopting WinClon and DiskClon simultaneously, Samsung Electronics could easily
integrate R&D, production and technical support as a whole and raise its efficiency.

R&D Center

R&D Center
Generate prototype disk image files for PCs, TVs, and set-top boxes using WinClon
Distribute the file to production sites and factories and technical support centers for their respective uses
PCs are shipped with customized WinClon – Samsung Recovery Solution series for self-service system restoration
Production Sites Technical Supports
Production Sites
Ship downloaded master disk image files to DiskClon
Manage thousands of master images as files for easier master management
No need to use delivery service
No danger of delivery of physical damages to master media
Technical Supports
Receive updated disk images over FTP from R&D center in Korea
Avoid overlapping investments by using WinClon to restore the system to factory default
Plug-and-restore USB memory stick for convenient system restoration
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