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Industrial SSD & HDD duplicators. allowing to the maximum efficiency
Industrial SSD & HDD duplicators. allowing to the maximum efficiency
Experience the most efficient and reliable way of duplicating SSDs and HDDs. Enjoy the preferred way of duplicating media by global leaders.
Duplicate and wipe at 4.2~8.2GB/min
Adopted by western Digital, Seagate, Samsungm and LG.
Duplicates more than 20 million media per year, including SSDs and HDDs
Produces 50% of HDDs/SDDs in laptop PCs sold in Korea
Responsible for 10% of media shipped in netbooks sold in Europe

Product Highlights

Easier Master Management Automatic
media handling
Perfect &
reliable results
Duplicate from
disk image files
Partition shrinking
and extending
Bit-by-bit comparison
after duplication
100% compatible
to SSDs
Backup by only
copying files
Fitering abnormally
slow media
Duplicate any
SAS, SATA, and
IDE media
Barcode support for
system integration
    Only Windows
APIs for media

+ support for disk wiping, hot plug, full activity log, etc.

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